Our Services

We work closely with our clients and their loved ones to offer advice and support as they choose the disability services that are right for them. These include:

Supported Accommodation

Children and Young People

We come to you – Support in your own home

Tailored Community Support

Centre Based Support

Personalised disability services

At My Life Support Services, we understand that no two people – or their disability – are the same. That’s why we personalise our range of flexible, Brisbane-based disability services to ensure those in our care can reach their full potential.

Allison and her family are committed to helping her brother lead a happy and full life.  Today, Allison inspires our team to improve the life of each client and make sure they have the same opportunities as others in the community.

Accommodation Support

Consistent care, quality accommodation

Much more than just a roof overhead, My Life Support Services’ 24-hour accommodation support offers consistent professional care, and the quality of accommodation anyone would be proud to call home.

It’s the kind of environment Allison’s family relentlessly sought – but never found – for her brother.

Our homes are located in a variety of locations around Brisbane.  We regularly invest in new homes and are able to set up new homes quickly to meet the needs of our clients.

For continuity of care, greater stability and less anxiety for clients, our carers work across a 48-hour roster, always at the same location.

During their stay, clients are encouraged to fulfill personal goals, an important step towards taking ownership of their own lives and health.

Plan Management

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Support Coordination

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Children and young people

Every day we put the needs of the children we support first.  We take the responsibility of having children in our care seriously and all children have the right to feel safe and respected at all times.    At My Life Support Services we make the safety and wellbeing of our children our main priority.  My Life Support Services will endeavor to provide a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people that is free to abuse and neglect.  We commit to adequately train our teams to ensure they have adequate knowledge and skills to be able to deliver a supportive and caring environment.

All My Life Support Services staff are required to hold a current Blue Card and are continually assessed to meet the standards of care and principles within the Child Protection Act 1999

Our young adults

Our energetic team helps children and young adults to develop appropriate life skills to help them to transition to independent living with ‘drop in’ support.

We do this through:

  • Teaching every-day life skills such as personal hygiene, shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • Engaging employment ready programs and sourcing employment opportunities
  • Organising tailored personal support such as speech therapy, education assistance, counseling support, drug and alcohol programs, and sexual education.
  • We attend parent teacher interviews as a support person, and can organise and support supervised visits with family members.

Our team is culturally sensitive.  We help clients from different cultural backgrounds such as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to connect with their heritage and communities.

We come to you – support in your own home

We understand that it is important to be able to live as long as possible in your own home.  That’s where we can help, we will come to your home and assist you with your needs.  This may mean helping you with your personal care requirements, shopping, banking and budgeting and organizing appointments and getting out and about.  Our carers will work with clients to tailor their supports around what make them happy and able to live confidently in their own homes.   Along the way, carers will also encourage, teach and support clients to take small steps towards independent living.

Tailored community support

We provide support to enable clients to access their community.  These supports can be tailored to the client’s needs and you can be as creative as you can imagine.  We provide these services in the most flexible way possible to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Some examples of community activities include:

  • Physical activies, such as sport clubs, a gym work out, swimming and riding.
  • Community based events such as festivals, concerts and markets
  • Visual and relaxing outings such as movies, museums and art programs.

Our carers can also be available to accompany client’s events, such as weddings, BBQ’s so that everyone can have a great time and learn some valuable skills along the way.

Centre Based Support

My Life Support Services are able to also offer group based programs via our Bayside Basement Centre.  These programs are offered within the community and in our centre at Manly.  For more information about these programs visit Bayside Basement .