Our Clients Success

Clients are at the heart of everything we do. That’s because a client can be a daughter, a son, a sister or a brother, a mother or a father, or a best friend. They could be me or you.

Since our start in 2008, My Life Support Services has proudly supported many people with disabilities – within our quality accommodation settings, as part of our flexible community access services, and through in-home support.

Along the way, we’ve learned how to successfully manage a wide range of disabilities. In our experience, behavioural problems can be a major issue when a client first comes into our care. These behaviours can range from physical damage (to property and others) through to verbal abuse.

Yet through consistency in the way we care and by providing effective solutions, we typically see a successful decrease – or complete change – in this behaviour. And it’s so rewarding.

It’s why our care philosophy is based on clients feeling stable and supported. Our carers only work within one of our homes across a 48-hour roster. They are rarely interchanged, helping to build trust and reduce anxiety in clients.

The approach and quality of care is also the same across our carers, again for greater stability. Most importantly, we encourage appropriate consequences for those behaviours.

We’re proud to say it works. And prouder still of our carers and clients.