Our Team

It takes a certain kind of someone to join the My Life Support Services team. Someone who is professional, genuine, energetic and who shares a real passion for helping others become the best they can be.

Friendly, energetic and reliable, our carers are highly experienced and qualified with expertise in:

Working with people with a range of disabilities
Long-term one-on-one care
Mental illness and behavioural issues
High dependency care
Children and Young People

Meet Our Team

Allison Dunn


Support Co-ordinators

Nancy Sione
Frank Olsen
Kylie Hikuroa

Bayside Basement Support Co-ordinator

Sheryl Bolt

Transition & Planning Officer

Teena Tapley

Each of our clients is matched with a carer who takes responsibility for their overall health and wellbeing. This means our clients and their loved ones can be confident their needs are always consistently met.

Our carers become advocates for our clients, going above and beyond the call of duty to support them on their journey to living a full and happy life. Our clients’ families comment on our openness, transparency and ease of communication.

Specialist skills for children and young adults
Our team has specialist skills in helping children and young adults (with low levels of disability) transition into independent living. We do this through:

Teaching every-day life skills such as personal hygiene, shopping, cooking and cleaning

Engaging employment ready programs and sourcing employment opportunities

Organising tailored personal support such as speech therapy, education assistance, counseling support, drug and alcohol programs, and sexual education.

Specialist skills in managing behavior issues
Our team has specialist skills in managing behaviour issues.  By developing and implementing positive behaviour support plans we are able to:

Improve interpersonal and social skills

Teach appropriate personal boundaries

Manage alcohol and drug abuse

Manage self-harm.

Commitment to improving our skills
We are committed to improving the skills of our team.

A specialist disability child and adult psychologist conducts fortnightly in-house training with our team on positive behavior support and restrictive practices such as managing behaviour risks and managing Prader-Willi syndrome.

Each of our team completes a Certificate IV in Disability and we also conduct intensive in-house induction and ongoing training via a team leader.

Communication to keep you informed

The team behind My Life Support Services understands the emotions – the ups and the downs – that come with loving someone with a disability. In fact, they are acutely aware of the challenges.

As Allison’s brother battled mental illness, her family rode the rollercoaster with him, desperate to find the right support and environment to treat his condition.

That’s how we know just how important it is to communicate effectively with the loved ones of our clients – in many cases also their guardians – and to take an inclusive approach to their ongoing care.

We keep the lines of communication constantly open, ensuring the client’s communication book is completed each day for guardians to keep.

In fact, our clients’ families and guardians often comment on our openness, transparency and ease of communication.

Our door is always open.

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